eSmart has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme. The eSmart project commenced in April 2021 and will run until March 2023. eSmart is currently being delivered by a team of 8 organisations from Austria, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Poland, Cyprus and Portugal.


Berufsförderungsinstitut Burgenland

The BFI vocational training institute is one of the largest educational institutions in Austria. Owned by the Chambers of Labour and the Austrian Trade Union Federation, its activities focus on (continuing) vocational education and training for workers as well as educational and occupational schemes for unemployed persons and workers threatened with unemployment. BFI Burgenland runs over 1.200 courses a year representing 140.000 teaching hours and qualify over 15.000 people each year. Our courses focus on the needs of both working and unemployed persons. The person is at the centre of our business, taking into account his/her social environment and being able to convey each of his/her personal education path. Our objective is to promote the personal and occupational development of the persons enrolled in our courses, by providing high- quality education and training at a reasonable cost. The courses are geared to the actual demands of the labour market and also provide orientation in a world of change. The high level of our courses is maintained by means of an internal quality management system, regular further training for BFI employees and an international know-how transfer. Most of our education and training courses are based on modular systems, facilitating tailor-made and thus highly efficient forms of learning. The BFI is officially certified to the EN ISO 9001: 2008 international standard

Cardet (Text)


CARDET is the leading centre for training and development in Cyprus, with partners around the world. The centre’s mission is to inspire next generation education, and promote research, innovation and development through evidence-based practices, cutting-edge research, and empowered people. CARDET brings together an international team of passionate professionals with global expertise in literacies, reading promotion, vocational and adult training, e-learning, and evaluation.

CARDET has been advising organisations and Ministries in Asia, Europe, and the USA. Members of the CARDET team have successfully participated in more than 100 projects in over 30 countries, several of which were supported by the European Commission, the United Nations, Microsoft, and governments and agencies from around the world. The Management Team is supported by 10 members of the board/advisory board who are all international veterans in education, research, and evaluation. The majority of team members hold graduate degrees (Masters and/or PhD) in areas like literacies, education, research, multimedia development, inclusive education and evaluation.


Skills Elevation Berlin FHB

Skills Elevation Berlin FHB is a new company established by academics, educators, performing artists and environmentalists who have been cooperating on a voluntary basis since 2016. FHBs mission is to provide an alternative educational methodology to support the social, emotional and cognitive development of marginalised groups and to support front-line educators at all levels to integrate new pedagogic approaches into their everyday practice. The company is committed to providing a creative space where research hypotheses and findings can be validated through experimentation and testing in a ‘living lab’ with a view to developing new methodologies and resources to address persistent social, economic and integration issues that pertain in all EU Member States. Berlin has a reputation as being a centre for creativity and expression but beneath the surface there remains many problems that require different approaches than those provided by mainstream providers.


Postal 3

Postal 3 is an entity dedicated to the training, design and development of online resources, and project consulting, whose services to public and private organizations in Spain, Europe and America have achieved remarkable success and growth over the past two decades.

Postal 3 multipurpose work model integrates engineers, computer scientists, economists, financiers, designers, pedagogues, philologists, administrators, and an extensive catalog of teaching experts, in most of the areas of knowledge linked to the improvement of work competences.

Postal 3 employs 48 permanent staff like technicians, managers, and support personnel in our regional offices, further trainers and teachers, until 300 wokers that collaborate with us each year. We form around 15.000 trainees in more than 400 courses per year. Postal 3 has five work or training centers in Spain: two in Vigo, and one in Pontevedra, Valladolid and Madrid, as also offices in Oporto, México, and Panamá


Spectrum Research Centre

Spectrum Research Centre (SRC) was established in 2017 to support young academics to bring their research into action. SRC was founded specifically at the request of local social and academic researchers and post-graduate students, who identified a local need to develop a space where research hypotheses and findings can be validated through local actions. At the outset, SRC aimed to support academics throughout their research activities; however, as the company has grown, the aim is now also to provide academics with opportunities to give their research a European perspective. SRC draws on a wide range of expertise from diverse yet complimentary disciplines like pedagogy and didactics, instructional design, social policy, e-learning, gamification, entrepreneurship, STEAM, anthropology, social psychology, local history, gerontology and early childhood learning. SRC is committed to effecting policy change and publishes policy briefs on a wide range of topics throughout the year. Although SRC is a relatively new company, the vast majority of the 22 academics involved in the organisation have many years European experience mostly gained through ERASMUS exchanges and internships throughout Europe

Callidus logo ENG

CALLIDUS - Institute for Adult Education

Callidus – Institute for Adult Education is accredited institute for vocational education by The Ministry of Science and Education in Croatia and has a branch Institute in Moldova. As Institute we have created numerous educational programmes in the areas of management, personal development, marketing, sales, tourism, gastronomy, finance, business economics, and construction. Over the past years, Callidus has built sound expertise in project management and has been actively involved in strategic design, operational creation and successful implementation of numerous projects funded by the EU totalling over EUR 11 million. We possess extensive experience and know-how in writing tender documentation and seeking financial resources which resulted in a successful completion of a dozen ADA, IPA, ESF and Erasmus + projects. We are leading in educational innovations as well as anticipating market needs. These innovations include educational programmes focusing on fulfilling special needs and requirements of VET learners


Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu i Nauk o Zdrowiu in Lodz

College of Business and Health Sciences – WYŻSZA SZKOŁA BIZNESU I NAUK O ZDROWIU (WSBINOZ) is the first non-public higher education institution in central Poland that offers health-allied and medical-allied studies as well as business and pedagogy faculties. The world class school facility and an outstanding training atmosphere promoted by highly competent and most distinguished specialist, practitioners and academic teachers guarantee the unique and ambitious curriculum, theoretical knowledge and practical skills so desired in professional life. Young adults are taught how to take advantage of the acquired skills and knowledge as well as to keep on developing personal abilities and become professionally successful. At the current stage has more than 60-70 full-time employees and more than 200 academic teachers on contract. WSBINOZ conducts numerous research and educational projects, cooperates with various educational, health care, sport-allied and business-allied institutions, remains locally and regionally active in the field of conference and workshops organization, social work and community elicitation. Prominent and well-qualified managers, determined students and academics guarantee its successful development and involvement in various thematic projects related to development of new ideas and services, curriculum building, preparation course syllabus, elaboration of materials and terminology for thematic courses and others

Right Challenge

Right Challenge

RightChallenge is a non-profit association that aims to promote education and training centred on the themes of social inclusion and equal opportunities. The organisation promotes active, responsible and democratic citizenship through education and partnering with a range of stakeholders. RightChallenge provides elementary and family education, vocational training, health and rehabilitation, housing and care services and work and activities for specific groups. RightChallenge believe that education is an integral part of the development of the young person in order to prepare them to participate and intervene in all dimensions of society including family, work, community and leisure.